CottonConnect, which helps global brands source cotton fairly and sustainably by creating robust and resilient raw material supply chains, has launched a traceability platform, TraceBale.

The platform is now available as a tool to all in the apparel industry to help brands address the growing challenges around trust and transparency in the supply chain. The potential it provides for large cotton-producing nations such as India is also significant, as a solution to transparency challenges in the cotton supply chain, CottonConnect said in a statement.

The digital platform offers farm-group-to-end-garment manufacturing traceability. TraceBale has been in the making for ten years. “It builds from CottonConnect’s in-depth work with retailers and suppliers to understand what takes place at each stage of the supply chain,” the company said.

Adopted by 18 retailers

The platform has already been adopted by 18 retailers, including The White Company, Mark’s, C&A, it said.  “Our seamless mobile and online registration process ensures easy access for 900,000 farmers who are already registered. We believe in targeted training and enhancements to boost productivity while facilitating access to markets, finance, and educational resources,” the company said.

Alison Ward, CEO, CottonConnect, said, “The cotton supply chain is complex as cotton goes through multiple stages and can be traded many times, often across borders, before a finished product reaches the store. Our expertise in the sustainable cotton sector and close relationships with cotton farmers and brands have enabled us to produce a traceability solution that is customisable to retailers’ needs.”

Through collaborations with partners including DNA-marker-provider Haelixa, one of the most innovative elements of TraceBale is its ability to combine digital traceability with physical traceability. Using unique DNA marking technology, TraceBale captures all relevant data showing that the marked material is in the supply chain and used to manufacture the finished product. It also enables brands to track right back to the source of their raw materials, including tracking last-mile delivery from farms to gins to spinners, the statement said.

TraceBale is now available as a standalone solution to all within the apparel sector. It is also available as part of all CottonConnect’s sustainable and regenerative REEL farmer programmes, ensuring that they create the right outcomes,” the company said.