DeHaat, a full stack agri-tech platform offering end-to-end agricultural services to farmers, has onboarded 503 Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) across 12 states, the startup company said in a statement.

DeHaat’s association with FPOs has enabled seamless access to agricultural offerings throughout the crop life cycle, including personalised transfer of critical knowledge to farmers, last-mile availability of high-quality input products, increased adoption of digital capabilities, smooth access to credit and insurance, and ease of market access driving enhanced yields and better price realisation for over 30,000 farmers.

Quoting Shashank Kumar, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of DeHaat, the statement said: “DeHaat’s affiliation with 503 FPOs in 12 states aligns with our ‘Farmer’s First’ vision of putting farmers first in all we do. Our tech-enabled 360 degree agri value chain interventions have resulted in 50-70 per cent income enhancement for the associated farmers and at the same time have enabled FPOs to get complete institutional support for their overall sustainability.”

‘Access to best source’

Shashi Bhushan, Director of Agrimeo Nalanda Kisan Producer Company Ltd (a Bihar-based FPO), said: “We started our association with DeHaat eight months ago and are extremely satisfied with the way our relationship has grown. Our limited agri input demand and farm produce scale prevented us from reaching out to competitive channels resulting in us not being able to offer complete set of agri services to our member farmers.”

“DeHaat gave us access to best source of agri input as well as much better farm gate price of paddy for our FPO. Besides, we get complete logistic support for input delivery at our centre as well as aggregation of the agri produce. We are also in discussion to activate financial services through the DeHaat platform. In last eight months, we could provide overall agri value chain services worth ₹71 lakh to our member farmers through association across input and output verticals, and we are confident to grow our business to ₹1.5 crore in 2023-24,” he said.