Eastern Condiments, a prominent player in the Indian spice market, has embarked on a journey to compete in the foods category. The brand, which has set its footprints in the southern market in the spices category, now aims to cater to the evolving needs of its consumers by venturing into foods.

As a start, the company has launched two new products – Vermicelli and Macaroni. It has additionally strengthened its spices and masala products with the launch of a spicy variant of its popular chicken masala called Spicy Chicken Masala.

“As the shift from unbranded to branded products gains momentum, this is time to start our journey to become a complete food company. While spices would continue to be our key play, we want to expand on our product choices and cater to different meal occasions. In the last two quarters alone, we have launched three new products and there is a lot more to come,” said Navas Meeran, CEO, Eastern Condiments.

Breakfast category opportunity

“We are having a significant share with our products in the kitchens for lunch and dinner. We are looking at breakfast categories also as an opportunity”, Navas said, adding that the market for ethnic breakfast products in the branded segment in Kerala is estimated at ₹270 crore and the company is looking at a comfortable business.

Manoj Lalwani, CMO, Eastern Condiments, said the company with a turnover of ₹900 crore in 2021-22 fiscal, is looking at ₹1,000 crore with the launch of the new products especially with a strong consumer base in the south markets and overseas. There is a good demand for branded products especially after Covid.

The brand has witnessed double-digit growth in the last quarter, in national and overseas markets. Within India, around 80 per cent of its business is from South India. Kerala and other states are their natural extensions and the brand hopes to leverage every opportunity to strengthen its base in these markets, be it distribution, increasing outlets, or new product launches, he said