The government has allowed export of multi-grain or fortified wheat flour (atta) shipments under advance authorisation.

Subject to conditions

The Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) in a latest notice amending the standard input output norms, said that exports of multigrain atta or fortified whole wheat atta are allowed subject to some conditions. It said the exported item shall contain at least 80 per cent of whole wheat flour and other ingredients being added such as soya flour, oat meal, fenugreek powder, vitamins will be domestically sourced.

The export of wheat and wheat products such as atta are currently prohibited to keep domestic prices under check, while the flour millers can import wheat for re-exports under the advance authorisation. The notice also said that the import entitlement under the advance authorisation for exports of multi grain atta or fortified whole wheat atta will be calculated in proportion to the percentage of whole wheat flour in the export item, that is for every 1 kg of whole wheat flour, import of 1.07 kg of wheat will be allowed.

The export description in the shipping bill will clearly indicate the percentage content of whole wheat flour and other ingredients being added, the notification said.

Trade sources said the DGFT’s latest move may benefit large exporters of wheat-based products.

Pramod Kumar S, President, Roller Flour Millers Federation of India, said the government should allow the export of chakki atta in consumer packs of 5 kg for the Indian diaspora globally as they are unable to get good atta in the world market. The export market for chakki atta is about 3-4 lakh tonnes.

The opening up of fortified atta exports could benefit the soya flour makers, said Rahul Chauhan of IGrain India.