Homedale Estate-PD varieties in CTC dust grades fetched a good price of ₹412 in Coonoor Tea Auctions last week.

According to Global Tea Auctioneers, it is the highest price fetched by any tea in CTC or orthodox from any CTC-bought leaf factory of Coonoor Tea Trade Associations’ regular auctions so far.

Blenders operate on a low key

Traders attributed the reason for the northward movement of prices to low arrivals in the auctions due to crop shortage in growing centres. The export demand was nil with only internal and some upcountry demand. Blenders operated on a lower note.

In sale 4, the quantity offered in leaf varieties was 7,77,238 kg and 94 per cent was sold. In dust grades, the offered quantity was 2,56,003 kg of which 95 per cent was sold. 

CTC leaf prices for high-priced and better liquoring sorts ruled firm to dearer by ₹3 to 4. Better medium sorts prices were steady by ₹1 to 2. Mediums and plainer sorts quoted to be dearer by ₹1 to 2.

Primary whole leaf in leaf orthodox grades was fully firm to dearer by ₹3 to 4. Brokens was lower by ₹2 to 3 with some withdrawals.

In dust CTC, high-priced and better liquoring is lower by ₹3 to 4. Better medium was fully firm to dearer by ₹2 to 3. Mediums and plainer sorts were dearer by ₹1 to 2.

The primary orthodox dust grades were fully firm to dearer by ₹4 to 5 and more at times in line with quality.