The Konkan Ratnagiri Bhoomi Agro Producer Company has launched a new direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand, Aamoré, owned by smallholder farmers. The brand aims to transform the global perception of Indian agriculture and the renowned Alphonso mango.

‘Aamoré’ is built around a community of over 300 smallholder farmers, striving to bring the highest standards of quality and freshness to Alphonso mango enthusiasts worldwide. The initiative empowers local farmers by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to produce export-ready fruits. This includes setting up state-of-the-art packhouse operations, employing sophisticated scanning technology for each mango, implementing strategies to eliminate spongy tissue, and ensuring comprehensive traceability from farm to fork.

In its pilot year, Aamoré Alphonso mangoes are set to debut on the global stage, reaching consumers across the US, Europe, the UK, Abu Dhabi, and select cities in India. This global launch signifies a bold step forward for Indian smallholder farmers, showcasing their capabilities on an international platform. Customers in the Delhi NCR region can now order Alphonso mangoes from Aamoré through their website

Mangesh Krishna Kurte, a farmer associated with Aamoré said, “In our high-density plantation, I have planted 120 trees in 15 gunthas. It is now the third year since plantation and now we are even able to see the mangoes on the trees. I inherited my farm from my father and for the last 10 years have been a farmer. Through Aamoré, I today have the pride of also being an entrepreneur, owning my destiny by marketing the produce of my farm. Our company has provided a lot of support in quality checking, packing, and taking our brand around the world. I expect to receive a far better price this year.”

“Spongy tissues happen in mangoes post-rainfall and reduce its value. We try and minimise this problem through appropriate watering and fertilizer application, but cannot fully eliminate it. Post harvesting, Aamore’s state-of-the-art pack house scans our mangoes thoroughly to eliminate the spongy tissue problem. Thus, we can provide better value to consumers and strengthen the respect that Konkan Alphonso has,” said, Vinayak Suresh Salunke, a farmer”

Challenging traditional boundaries

Ravish Chavan, Chief Programme Officer of Konkan Ratnagiri Bhoomi Agro Producer Company, said, “Aamoré embodies the innovation and empowerment that we aim to foster in our farming community. It is a testament to the potential of Indian farmers with the right support and resources. By introducing Aamoré to the global market, we are not only offering a premium product but also challenging the traditional boundaries of smallholder farming. Our farmers are not just cultivators; they are visionary entrepreneurs ready to leave their mark on the world.”

Aamoré focuses on two core pillars: empowering farmers to achieve significantly higher incomes sustainably and independently, and delivering consumers worldwide an unparalleled experience with the highest quality Alphonso mangoes, certified as authentic Geographical Indication (GI) and living up to the reputation of being the king of fruits.

Konkan Ratnagiri Bhoomi Agro Producer Company is a farmer-owned enterprise dedicated to improving the lives of smallholder farmers in India. Through innovative agricultural practices and a commitment to quality and sustainability, the company seeks to redefine the role of Indian farmers on the global stage.