A global study, commissioned by Ecolab (a sustainability leader offering water solutions and services) conducted in partnership with Morning Consult, shows that Indians across all age groups are concerned about water scarcity, highlighting the acute awareness of environmental challenges among citizens.

A media statement said that ‘Ecolab Watermark Study’ sheds light on the specific dynamics of water scarcity perception within the Indian demographic landscape, providing valuable insights for policymakers and stakeholders alike.

It said that nearly 90 per cent of Indian adults worry significantly about environmental issues, ranking highest among India/MENA (Middle East North Africa) regions.

Four in five people across all generations are concerned about clean and safe water. Millennials and Gen Z consumers in India/MENA are more concerned about clean and safe water than their peers in other parts of the world. However, younger generations in India/MENA expressed less concern about taking direct action on clean and safe water today.

Clean and safe water emerges as a primary environmental concern, and there is a strong consensus on its importance for sustainability, the study said.

Indians consider water conservation critical and feel a broad sense of urgency to address clean and safe water issues. While the government is seen as primarily responsible for water conservation, there is a perception that manufacturers contribute the least.

Quoting Geetha Srinivasa, Managing Director for Ecolab India, the statement said: “Understanding the profound concerns of Indian consumers towards environmental sustainability and water conservation, Ecolab is committed to pioneering innovative solutions that not only address these urgent needs but also set a new standard for corporate responsibility in water stewardship. We at Ecolab are dedicated to collaborating with communities, governments, and businesses to secure a sustainable future for all.”