Karnataka may see an increase in the acreage under cereals such as rice and ragi and pulses like tur in the ongoing kharif 2023 season. The total area under kharif crops is targeted to be higher at 82.35 lakh hectares (80.40 lakh hectares).

The Karnataka Agriculture Department has targeted an increase in the area under cereals and pulses. The State is eyeing an increase in area under paddy at 10.59 lakh hectares in kharif 2023 against 10.31 lakh hectares last kharif season.

Other cereals

Similarly, other cereals under which the State is targetting higher acreage include jowar 0.87 lakh hectares (0.62 lakh hectares in the previous season), ragi at 7.39 lakh hectares (6.42 lakh hectares), bajra at 1.94 lakh hectares (1.36 lakh hectares) and minor millets at 0.37 lakh hectares (0.31 lakh hectares).

The area under maize is targeted marginally lower at 14.20 lakh hectares (14.65 lakh hectares). Considering the decline in maize prices, the State may see a section of farmers shifting to other crops. Total area under kharif cereals is targetted at 35.36 lakh hectares (33.96 lakh hectares).

Regarding pulses, the State is eyeing an increase in acreage under tur at 15.79 lakh hectres against previous season’s sown area of 14.15 lakh hectraes. Karnataka is the largest producer of tur crop, which is planted during kharif season and harvested during mid-rabi season. The prevailing uptrend in tur prices may attract more growers this season. Similarly, the targetted area under green gram is 3.99 lakh hectares (4.14 lakh hectares). Total pulses acreages this kharif are likely to be higher at 22.13 lakh hectares against the previous season’s sown area of 20.38 lakh hectares.


The State has seen actual rainfall of 86.30 mm against normal of 73.70 mm during the month of May 2023.

Regarding oilseeds, the groundnut acreage is seen higher at 4.04 lakh hectares (3.72 lakh hectares), sunflower at 1.30 lakh hectares (1.72 lakh hectares) and soyabean at 4.10 lakh hectares(4.41 lakh hectares). Considering the prevailing bearish trend in oilseeds, the total area is expected to be lower at 9.84 lakh hectares (10.10 lakh hectares).

The acreage under cash crops such as cotton is seen lower at 8 lakh hectares (8.25 lakh hectares), sugarcane at 6.20 lakh hectares (7.18 lakh hectares) and tobacco at 0.81 lakh hectares (0.77 lakh hectares).