Magellanic Cloud Ltd has announced the launch of its ‘Drone Command and Control Centre’ in Bengaluru. Operating under the management of Magellanic Cloud’s subsidiary, ScanDron, this facility will serve as the central hub for supervising and coordinating all drone operations nationwide.

A media statement said Magellanic Cloud can deliver up-to-the-minute data on drone flights, weather conditions, and airspace restrictions with this command and control centre. The facility is also equipped with data analysis tools, which enable it to scrutinise details from drone missions, enhance routes, flight times, and security, as well as ensure compliance standards to safeguard data and allocate resources for optimal efficiency.

E-surveillance, drone biz synergy

Quoting Joseph Sudheer Reddy Thumma, Chief Executive Officer of Magellanic Cloud, the statement said: “The launch of our Bengaluru control and command centre brings a synergy between our e-surveillance and drone business. This will ensure that clients receive the highest quality services and solutions backed by a wealth of experience.”

Sanjay Chauhan, CFO of Magellanic Cloud, said: “Our drone control centre has all the resources needed for clients to execute their drone missions seamlessly. We prioritize collaboration and transparency, working closely with our clients to tailor each task to their specific requirements. Our top priority is to deliver safe and efficient services that produce results, and help our clients achieve their goals.”

The statement said the company is a leading manufacturer of drones and provider of drone-based services. The company’s products include logistics drones, agri spraying drones, and custom drones, it added.