Stressing on increasing productivity and production of crops, Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar on Thursday said that it is equally important to make farming activities profitable for the overall growth of the sector. But, reminded the audience, many from the agrochemicals sector, that there is a need for balanced use of agrochemicals and fertilisers by creating awareness.

Addressing the ‘India Chem 2022’, organised by industry chamber FICCI in association with the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, he said the government has undertaken several reforms in the agrochemical industry and the process would continue.

He assured them that the government will make efforts to address the challenges faced by the industry.

“There was a time when only the availability of fertilizers and seeds or the creation of irrigation facilities was considered necessary for agriculture. Seed sellers used to think of seeds, fertilizers sellers used to see their own benefits. But now when we think about the agriculture sector, then there is a need to think holistically. When this happens, everyone benefits from it,” he said.

The minister emphasised on the need for coordinated and comprehensive efforts across ministries and sectors to realise the true potential of India.

Agriculture secretary Manoj Ahuja said that India can become a global player in the agrochemicals sector and there is potential to increase exports by 10 times.