Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence has entered into a formal partnership with the Karnataka State Department of Agriculture (KSDA) to improve farmers welfare across the State using AI-powered solutions.

Through this partnership, the KSDA and Wadhwani AI will explore opportunities for the scaled deployment of the AI-powered early pest warning and advisory solution for cotton and other crops developed by Wadhwani AI.

Also, Wadhwani AI will work towards ensuring the AI-readiness of the KSDA and conduct capacity-building initiatives for ministry personnel on the responsible use of AI and its application to boost agriculture systems in the State, the company said in a statement.

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“We look forward to collaborating with Wadhwani AI and leveraging their expertise in developing cutting-edge AI-powered solutions to enhance agriculture systems in Karnataka and improve the income of farmers. We intend to unlock the value of the agriculture pest and disease data at our disposal and utilise it to create novel solutions in cotton, maize, chilli, and other crops in Karnataka, with the help of emerging AI-based technologies,” B. C. Patil, Karnataka Agriculture Minister said.

“Small farmers in India depend on Government programs at every step of the crop cycle. Timely, accurate, and hyperlocal AI-based early pest warning and advisory can augment human capabilities to overcome systemic challenges in these large-scale programs,” said J. P. Tripathi, Associate Director - Agriculture, Wadhwani AI.

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“We are excited to formally collaborate with the Ministry of Agriculture to identify and address multiple challenges affecting agriculture in India through the use of timely and effective AI-based interventions,” said Shekar Sivasubramanian, CEO, Wadhwani AI