The Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) has recommended definitive anti-dumping duty on ‘Plain Medium Density Fibre Board’ (thickness less than 6 mm) imported from Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Greenply Industries/ Greenpanel Industries and Century Plyboards (India) Ltd had filed the petition seeking anti-dumping probe on such fibre boards from these countries.

Plain MDF Board is a composite wood product made out of wood waste fibres glued together with urea formaldehyde resin or melamine resin by applying heat and pressure. It is widely used for partitions, modular furniture and cabinets due to its smooth and uniform finish. The current investigations does not cover within its scope laminated MDF Board.

The anti-dumping duty recommended depends on the landed value and is the difference between landed value and specified rates ($ 255.35 per CBM for Vietnam; $258.42 per CBM for Malaysia; $258.42 per CBM for Thailand; and $258.42 for Indonesia).

The definitive anti dumping duty – if imposed by the revenue department – will be valid for five years.