In good news for Railway employees, it is expected that 10-11 per cent employees would be promoted in this financial year.

Highlighting the performance of its human resources vertical, the Ministry of Railways in a statement on Friday said that a large number of promotions had been given by Indian Railways this fiscal.

Indian Railways has promoted 72,825 employees in the last five months of the fiscal.

“Due to the sheer size, number of stakeholders and complexities involved, implementation of any HR related initiative is a mammoth task,” it said, adding that all the field units have risen to the challenge and roughly six per cent employees have already been benefited in the first five months of fiscal 2022-23.

“It is expected that 10-11 per cent employees would be beneficiaries of promotion in this financial year,” it further said.

Compassionate ground appointments are another major welfare initiative of Indian Railways with approximately 6,000 cases of appointment every year. In 2022, out of 3,647 compassionate appointment cases due as on April 1, as many as 2,936 have been completed.

Similarly, in 2022, out of 928 selections due on April 1, about 794 have been completed.

The railways has a 12 lakh strong workforce. With digitalisation, pass facility, final settlement on retirement, transfer cases have already been taken up through the Human Resource Management System of the Railways.

“As a result of such initiatives, there is a perceptible change in the performance indices of Human Resource vertical,” the Ministry said.