As India presents itself as a reliable collaborator for the global semiconductor supply chain industry, the Minister of External Affairs S Jaishankar has called for calibrated globalisation to strengthen the tech supply chain.

“India’s semiconductor mission is not just about meeting domestic requirements but also aimed at contributing to global demand for trusted manufacturing,” External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said.

Speaking at the third day of the SemiconIndia 2023 conference, Jaishankar argued that critical emerging technologies hold a lot of relevance in the world of international relations. “Who invents, who manufactures, where are the resources, who has the skills, these are now the increasingly relevant questions in the global arena.”

In this context, Jaishankar opined, “How to do business needs to be tempered with where and whom to do business with, because of our recent experience with the Covid pandemic.”

‘Enhancing collaboration’

Jaishankar called for a closer collaboration amongst partners that were comfortable wiring with each other. “As political democracies, pluralistic societies and market economies, we all have understandable concerns of both privacy and security. It is, therefore, essential that those of us who are comfortable working with each other enhance our collaboration,” Jaishankar said.

In a bid to make itself a bigger player in the technological supply chain, India has signed partnerships with US, Japan, EU and Australia for critical emerging technologies.

A senior Miety official told businessline that the SemiconIndia conference saw participation from around 23 countries. Most countries like the United States, Japan, and Australia are exploring deepening technological collaborations with India; as geopolitical tensions with China rise.