India will focus on promoting data-related capacity-building in developing countries, increasing the voice of poorer nations in international bodies, and finding solutions to accessing affordable development finance at the G20 Development Working Group (DWG), scheduled to meet for the first time under the country’s presidency in Mumbai this week, according to sources.

“India will work on raising the profile of development issues throughout the G20 working streams and try to speed up achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Women-led development, digital transformations, and just green transitions will be among the focus areas,” an official tracking the meeting told businessline.

Promote actions

The G20 DWG forum was created in 2010 to discuss and promote action on a broad range of issues directly affecting developing countries.

India has sought to create a G20 capacity-building network, with the help of the UN, for boosting transformation in developing countries, the source said. It has also volunteered to share many of its open-source platforms with the world. During India’s G20 presidency, the DWG will build on these achievements and India will push for data-related capacity-building in developing countries and leveraging ‘data for development’ to accelerate progress on SDGs, the source added.

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India assumed presidency of the G20, comprising twenty of the world’s largest economies,  starting December 1, 2022, for one year. More than 200 meetings will be held in India across 55 locations during the year of its presidency.

 “When G20 Summit takes place in India, the leadership summit on the September 9-10 will be the biggest-ever gathering of leaders in India. There will be 43 leaders. In addition to G20, there are 9 special invitees and a vast range of international organisations (who will attend),” said India’s G20 Sherpa Amitabh Kant at a press conference in Mumbai on Monday. 

Financing gap

An important area of focus for India in the DWG meeting this week would be financing for developing countries as it has been identified as key to achieving the 2030 SDG goals.

The Covid-19 pandemic has severely hampered countries’ efforts towards meeting SDG targets by 2030, by restricting fiscal space, with the SDG financing gap in developing countries estimated to have increased by at least 20 per cent. “During India’s Presidency, one of the DWG priorities includes designing a strategy that will focus on finding solutions to accessing affordable development finance that will not be of difficult terms so as to entrap a nation,” the source added.