Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Sunday, urged more and more start-ups and innovators to take advantage of the emerging opportunities in the space sector. He said that India is doing wonders in the solar, as well as, space sectors.

In his monthly ‘Mann Ki Baat’ radio broadcast, Modi noted ISRO’s recent success in placing 36 satellites in space simultaneously and described it as a “special Diwali gift” from the youth to the country.

“With this launch from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Kutch to Kohima, in the whole country, digital connectivity will be further strengthened. Even the remotest areas will be more easily connected with the rest of the country. This is also an example of how the country can reach new heights by being self-reliant,” he said.

He added that, with this launch, India has also emerged as a strong player in the global commercial space sector. The Prime Minister pointed out that, since the space sector has been opened up, Indian industries and start-ups are engaged in bringing new innovations and new technologies in this field.

“In particular, the collaboration of IN-SPACe is going to make a big difference in this area. Non-Government companies are also getting the facility to launch their payloads and satellites through IN-SPACe. I would urge more and more start-ups and innovators to take full advantage of these huge opportunities being created in India in the space sector,” he stated.

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Solar energy

Stating that, today, India is combining its traditional experiences with modern science enabling it to become one of the largest countries to generate electricity from solar energy. 

He also gave examples of how beneficiary farmers of ‘PM Kusum Yojana’  in Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan are leveraging solar energy to reduce their expenses. He also spoke to residents of India’s first solar village Modhera in Gujarat, and said that most houses there have started generating electricity from solar power. “The day is not far when the construction of Suryagrams (solar village) in India will become a big mass movement and the people of Modhera village have already begun that,”Modi added.

Noting that ‘Run for Unity’ is being organised across the country on National Unity Day to mark Vallabhbhai Patel’s birth anniversary on October 31, he said the race strengthens the thread of unity in the country and inspires our youth.

Modi noted that the ‘Janjateeya Gaurav Diwas’ (Tribals Pride Day) falls on November 15 and paid tributes to Birsa Munda.