The first board meeting of Aerospace and Aviation Sector Skill Council (ASSC) has called for focusing on training and education infrastructure in aerospace sector.

The meet was held under the aegis of National Skill Development Council (NSDC) at HAL Corporate Office under the chairmanship of RK Tyagi.

The ASSC comprises HAL, Bangalore Chambers of Industry and Commerce (BCIC) and Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies & Industries (SIATI).

The meeting deliberated on several issues on skill development requirements of aerospace industry and on how to go about modules that would be relevant to stakeholders.

“The first year of its operation is very important and our challenge is to make it useful to the industry, which is looking to bridge the huge gap in skills,” said Tyagi.

CG Krishnadas Nair (SIATI), Chandramouli AN (BCIC), Pratyush Kumar (NSDC) and Ashok Tondon (HAL) were the four directors present at the meeting.

The NSDC, a PPP created by the Ministry of Finance (with 49 per cent stake owned by the Central Government and 51 per cent stake by the private sector) with a mandate to impart skill development to 350 million people by 2022, had approved the proposal of BCIC & SIATI for formation of ASSC with a grant of ₹4.9 crore.

Recognising HAL’s contribution in Indian Aerospace industry, BCIC and SIATI had approached HAL to participate in the venture.

The Board of Directors of HAL in their earlier meet had accorded approval to establish ASSC along with BCIC and SIATI, as a non-profit organisation under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. HAL will have 50 per cent stake in the venture.