Aimed at generating job opportunities for the youth, the Hong Kong-based ship management firm Anglo Eastern Group is planning a maritime awareness campaign for Indian students as part of its 50thanniversary celebrations this year.  

The company, a major employer of Indian seafarers, has proposed to connect schools and colleges in cities in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka to create awareness among boys and girls about lucrative careers in merchant navy.

Vineet Gupta, managing director of Anglo Eastern Group’s India-based arm, Anglo Eastern Ship Management India, said the company plans to contact many academic institutions and schools across the country in the current academic year to source potential navigators and marine engineers and get them trained at Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy that guarantees placement aboard our cargo ships to the students who complete their pre-sea training.

India, according to him, is the youngest nation in the world, with over 66 per cent of its population under the age bracket of 18-35 years today. A good portion of the youth is well-educated and proficient in English, which makes them ready to take up roles in many global industries, including a highly paid career in merchant shipping. The demand for Indian seafarers is rising at the global level, but the supply is still restricted, he said.   

Around 7 to 8 million young people are added to the labour force in India each year, he said adding that there is no worry of job security for competent Indian seafarers as there is high demand for skilled seafarers globally.