Having recently revised contracts for pilots and cabin crew, Air India has initiated a thorough review of its overseas manpower requirements and practices as part of the comprehensive evaluation process.

Under the stewardship of Campbell Wilson, the Managing Director and CEO of the Tata-owned airline, is making continuous adjustments to its employment contracts and compensation for its non-flying staff in India. During an address to employees on Friday, Wilson highlighted the ongoing efforts to improve the workforce. He emphasised that the company had successfully recruited many new Air India employees and provided extensive retraining to many others. Furthermore, he announced the implementation of new remuneration packages for pilots and cabin crew. As part of the comprehensive evaluation process, the airline has initiated a thorough review of its overseas manpower requirements and practices. businessline reviewed a copy of this document.

Wilson revealed that revised employment contracts and compensation packages would be rolled out for the non-flying staff based in India. These changes result from a meticulous job evaluation, which involves assessing the size and complexity of each role. The grades and designations have been benchmarked against external companies to ensure alignment with prevailing market standards.

Eligible staff members will receive detailed letters through electronic mail later in the day, outlining their new grades and compensation packages. As promised earlier, these revisions will be backdated to 1st April 2023. The letters will also include information regarding any performance-related payments that may apply.

“With contracts and compensation structures now transitioned from erstwhile Air India to the new, privatised environment for flying crew and India-based non-flying staff, the final cohort to address is our non-flying staff based outside India. Due to the large number of countries involved and the individual circumstances of each location, it will take a little longer to work through – but we will get there, too. And with job sizes and grades established, we can now update and disseminate certain dependent policies for all staff categories which will roll out in the coming weeks,” Wilson added.

In line with Air India’s drive towards a more performance-oriented and meritocratic culture, the company intends to introduce a performance-linked variable pay component. This component will be directly tied to the company’s overall performance and the individual performance of each employee during a financial year. To facilitate this, clearer job descriptions will be provided, outlining well-defined goals, key performance indicators (KPIs), and accountabilities for each role.