The Road Transport and Highways Ministry has notified higher charges for services provided by regional transport offices such as driving licence, learner's licence, driving permit, driving school licence renewal fee, and three-wheeler registration.

The Ministry has notified these rates after consultation with the Empowered Committee of State Transport Ministers constituted in 2015.

“The move will help states shore up the cost of running these services. It will also bring uniformity among States on various fees and taxes on road transport, both personal and public permit commercial vehicles, and also prove deterrence to defaulters,” according to the Indian Foundation of Transport Research Training’s (IFTRT) Senior Fellow, SP Singh.

States will levy these fees to cover the additional cost of automation and technology, the notification said.

The fees to be charged are Rs 150 for a learner’s licence, Rs 50 for a repeat licence, Rs 300 for a repeat test, Rs 200 for a driving licence, Rs 1000 for international drivers permit, Rs 200 for renewal of driving licence, among others.

Higher fees have also been charged for delay in informing authorities about the change of residence of Rs 300 a month for two-wheelers and Rs 500 a month for all other vehicles.

Fees have also been revised for setting up of training schools for drivers to Rs 10,000 (for renewing such licence) and Rs 5,000 for issuance of duplicate licences.