Ram Mohan Naidu Kinjarapu, the newly appointed Civil Aviation Minister, plans to review high air ticket prices.

"Since yesterday, the biggest concern coming up to me is ticket prices. Once I take charge I am going to review the situation on this. I have to talk to a lot of other people. I am not an expert right now. Once I am in control of how things function, whatever decisions I will take or my department will take would be in favour of the common man," Naidu told CNBC TV 18 on Tuesday.

Naidu represents Telugu Desam Party and on his priority is completing pending projects in his native Andhra Pradesh, he said. "Common man will be at the core of decisions," he added.

Air fares have been deregulated by the government and under the prevailing rules airlines are required to establish a reasonable tariff. Airlines are also required to put up details of various fare buckets on a sector-wise basis on their website. As long as the levied fare is within the range it does not constitute a violation under existing rules.