Cleartrip, a subsidiary of Flipkart, has joined forces with Axis Bank, a prominent private sector bank in India, to introduce an innovative travel proposition for Axis Bank credit cardholders. This collaboration aims to provide a range of travel benefits to both existing and new cardholders who book through Cleartrip. The offered privileges encompass various advantages for domestic flight bookings, such as seats valued up to ₹1,200, complimentary meals up to ₹500, exemption from convenience fees, and the option to cancel and reschedule flights for a nominal fee of ₹1 through CT FlexMax.

Unlike the prevailing market norm where Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) typically offer cash discounts partnered with banks while offsetting them with substantial convenience fees and additional charges, this strategic partnership takes a divergent approach. The Cleartrip-Axis Bank alliance stands out by delivering a comprehensive suite of services without the need for hefty discounts covered by inflated convenience fees.

Unique tie up

Ayyappan R., CEO of Cleartrip, expressed that this partnership aligns with Cleartrip’s customer-centric approach and its commitment to transparency. The program is expected to benefit approximately 12.5 million customers. Sanjeev Moghe, President & Head of Cards & Payments at Axis Bank, shared the bank’s enthusiasm for this unique collaboration, noting that it caters to customers’ evolving needs and enhances convenience and benefits in the travel segment.

The collaboration introduces industry-first benefits, offering domestic flight cancellations or rescheduling at a nominal fee of ₹ 1 under CT FlexMax, complimentary seats valued up to ₹1,200, free meals worth up to ₹500, and an exemption from convenience fees. This approach is a departure from the traditional practice of OTAs using discounts and convenience fees to meet their financial targets.

The Cleartrip-Axis Bank partnership is poised to shape the future of travel by providing customers with a value proposition tailored to their requirements. The move is expected to stimulate growth within the sector, increasing transaction volumes, revenue streams, and overall market activity. Cleartrip recognises the significance of a rewarding booking experience in fostering customer loyalty and plans to explore more innovative value propositions to sustain growth while focusing on customer-centricity.

This collaboration between Cleartrip and Axis Bank signifies a noteworthy shift in the landscape of travel benefits and highlights the potential of disruptive partnerships to contribute to sectoral growth and economic development. As more customers embrace these offerings, it is anticipated that this collaboration will drive higher spending within the travel sector and have a positive impact on the broader economy.