Vistara will ensure that mass disruption of flights does not recur, airline's chairman Bhaskar Bhat told businessline.

The airline has been been forced to cancel around 100 flights in the past two days, as pilots abstained from duties over salary contract issue.

While Bhat declined to comment on the issue of pilots' salary contracts, he said there will be a lot more engagement between management and staff in the coming days.

“There will be a lot more engagement and communication within Vistara to work together and get to where we deserve to be — amongst the most reliable airlines in the country,” Bhat said.

Temporary setback

“I feel sorry for all the disruption that has been caused to our customers. It is a temporary setback. This disruption should not have happened in the first place and we will make sure it does not recur,” he added.

Vistara announced reduction in flights on Tuesday and deployment of higher capacity Boeing 787 aircraft on domestic routes to accommodate affected passengers. 

“We have proactively reduced flights to manage operations. Our primary consideration now is restoring customer confidence,” Bhat said.