Delhi Airport (DEL) maintained its standing in the global top 10 busiest airports in 2023 handling over 72.2 million passengers, according to the latest ranking by the Airports Council International (ACI). This showcases a steady year-on-year growth of 20.36 per cent and highlighting the strong recovery of the Indian aviation sector. Nevertheless, Delhi Airport’s ranking seems to have slightly slipped, as per ACI’s assessment, yielding its position to Chicago and potentially missing out on the 9th spot it held in 2022.

ACI issued its preliminary ranking of the world’s busiest airports for 2023, reflecting a dynamic shift driven by the rebound in international air travel.

ACI World Director General Luis Felipe de Oliveira noted, “Global air travel in 2023 was chiefly fuelled by the international segment, propelled by several factors.”

This resurgence is evident in the top rankings, with Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport retaining its crown as the busiest airport worldwide. Dubai International Airport, however, made a significant leap to the second position, surpassing Dallas Fort Worth International Airport which now sits in third.

While not retaining its 2022 position, Delhi Airport maintained a strong presence within the top 10 busiest airports.

“The unwavering strength of Istanbul and New Delhi airports keeps them in top ranks, marking significant progress over 2019,” said Oliveira.

Delhi handled over 72.2 million passengers in 2023, reflecting a remarkable year-on-year growth of 20.36 per cent compared to 2022. This positive trend indicates a robust recovery within the Indian aviation sector. However, information suggests a slight drop from the 9th place in 2022, with Chicago O’Hare Airport surpassing Delhi in 2023.

The overall figures paint a picture of a global aviation industry nearing pre-pandemic levels. Passenger traffic reached nearly 8.5 billion in 2023, representing a 27.2 per cent increase from 2022 and a 93.8 per cent recovery from pre-pandemic levels (2019).

The ACI’s ranking system, based on data from over 2,600 airports across the globe, offers valuable insights into travel demand and airport performance. Delhi Airport’s consistent presence among the top 10 underscores its critical role as a major international hub and its contribution to global connectivity.