Tourism Minister Prahlad Singh Patel on Tuesday announced that India will have e-visa fee for the peak as well as lean period for the travellers planning their visit to India on a short duration. 

"The e-visa fee for a duration of 30 days during the peak season -- from July to March -- will be $25. While, the e-visa fee during the lean period -- from April to June -- is to be kept at $10," said Patel. 

The Ministry also introduced a five year e-tourist visa the fee of which will be $ 80 and the fees of one year e-visa would be $ 40. For Japan, Singapore and Sri Lanka, the lean period visa fee is $10 and to avail the e-visa for a period of 30 days, one year and five year the fees would be $25. 

The announcement was made by the Tourism Minister at the inauguration of State Tourism Ministers' conference here on Tuesday. The Ministry also clarified that the visa fee reduction is under consideration of Ministry of External Affairs.