Lufthansa Cargo has resumed freighter services from GMR Hyderabad International Airport, operating a Boeing 777 on the Frankfurt-Mumbai-Hyderabad-Frankfurt route. 

Lufthansa Cargo has resumed the freighter operations after more than a year. The service will help the pharma community in Hyderabad reach growing markets in Europe and the US. Hyderabad is considered the ‘bulk drug capital’ of India. In pre-Covid times, Lufthansa Cargo’s export load was approximately 6,500 tonnes and imports at 1,500 tonnes during FY 2019-20.

“This freighter service will once again provide seamless international connectivity and reinforce strong trade links with Europe and the United States,’‘ GMR Hyderabad International Airport said in a release. 

In addition to Lufthansa Cargo, SpiceXpress, the cargo wing of SpiceJet, recently started freighter service from Hyderabad to Hanoi, which will help cargo flow towards the growing market in South East Asia, it added.