GreenLine (Green Planet Logistics), LNG-fuelled heavy trucking logistics company, has announced the deployment of its LNG-powered trucks at UltraTech Cement’s bulk terminal in Pune, Maharashtra. For UltraTech, this is the second such deployment. Previously, GreenLine has deployed LNG-powered fleet of trucks at UltraTech’s Awarpur Cement Works near Nagpur.

UltraTech is planning to scale up its LNG fleet at its plants across the country in the coming months.

Tanmay Pradhan, AVP Logistics, UltraTech Cement, said, “The association with GreenLine is a step forward in the ongoing efforts to decrease emissions, enhance energy efficiency, and promote sustainability.”

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GreenLine’s LNG-powered trucks reduce CO2 emissions by 28 per cent, translating into emission reduction of 24 tonne CO2 per truck per annum, compared to conventional diesel trucks.

In addition, these LNG trucks significantly reduce other dangerous emissions such as SOx emissions by up to 100 per cent, NOx emissions by up to 59 per cent and Particulate Matter by upto 91 per cent.

Anand Mimani, CEO, GreenLine, said, “Reducing toxic, polluting emissions from road logistics is crucial for businesses and GreenLine is actively supporting corporations in this endeavour through LNG-powered heavy-duty trucks.”