Consumers can soon expect standardised steel products meant for construction and infrastructure sectors, as BIS norms take effect from September for almost all long steel products.

As per a government order, long steel manufacturers will have to mandatorily comply with the specific norms prescribed by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) from September 12 and would have to carry the standard mark.

“The move is aimed at ensuring that quality of the long steel products like bars, rods and wires, is as per the standard specifications. Till now, it was not there,” said Mr G K Basak, Executive Secretary, Joint Plant Committee of the Steel Ministry.

Stating that many producers of induction furnace industry do not follow the quality standards, he said that smaller firms can upgrade their facilities in a month’s time as the required investment would not be large.

Secondary steel producers, which account for about 50 per cent of country’s total production capacity at 88 million tonnes, fear that the move would lead to closure of many smaller units, particularly the induction furnace units as the costs would go up significantly.

“If the order is implemented, most of the small producers will be forced to shut their units since this industry is not able to maintain the standards, particularly related to phosphorous and sulphur, due to lower quality of scrap or sponge iron,” Senior Executive Director of All India Induction Furnace Association Mr G D Renwal said.

He added that the government should give more time on its implementation, as technology is not available for controlling phosphorous and sulphur contents in steel making from scrap or sponge iron.