The Textiles Ministry has announced two Quality Control Orders (QCOs) covering 31 items, covering 19 geo textile and 12 protective textile categories, marking the first technical regulation from India for the technical textiles industry. 

In phase two of the process, two more QCOs for 28 items, including 22 agro textiles items and six medical textiles, are being planned, said a Ministry statement, on Tuesday. In phase three, 30 more technical textiles items may be covered, it added.

“The Centre is of the opinion that it is necessary to issue QCOs in public interest to increase the standard and quality of geo textiles and protective textiles, for the protection of the environment, human health, and animal & plant life & health,” said Rajeev Saxena, Joint Secretary, Textiles Ministry at a press briefing on Tuesday.

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Local imports

The conformity assessment requirements specified in the QCOs are equally applicable to domestic manufacturers as well as foreign manufacturers who intend to export their products to India, the statement said.

Geo textiles are used for infrastructure projects and environmental applications while protective textiles are used to protect human life from hazardous and adverse working conditions. The two QCOs for geo textiles and protective textiles shall come into force immediately after 180 days from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.