There is a blurred line between working hours and private time within India Inc, with a majority of employees in a survey saying that their employers expect them to be available outside regular office hours.

Most of the employees said that they were expected to be available by phone and e-mail during holidays as well, and they feel extremely pressured to do so. This reveals the increasing work-life balance issues among India Inc, said the Randstad Workmonitor survey, which was done with a sample size of around 600 people.

Moorthy K Uppaluri, MD and CEO of Randstad India, a recruitment company, said that the way India Inc works today has undergone a paradigm shift.

‘Going to work’ is all about getting work done, regardless of where one is and thus an ideal workplace is one that eliminates geographical and technological barriers to create a dynamic ecosystem – where work travels to people; not the other way round.

Employers should be aware of this scenario where the boundaries of work and life are getting blurred and hence offer their workforce with the much needed flexibility and freedom at work to keep them motivated, he said in a release from Randstad.