Two techies, who duped e-commerce portal Flipkart of an Apple iPhone 6 worth ₹51,590, were arrested by the police here on Thursday.

The firm alleged that one N Kumar had ordered an iPhone 6 on its site for ₹51,590 on January 19, 2015. “The phone was delivered a day later. He, however, came back to us saying that he got only paper and rubber inside the box and not the phone. In good faith, we refunded the entire amount to him,” the company said in a statement.

The company, however, gave the details of the ‘missing’ phone to the police who tracked it to another techie working for a multi-national company. A probe revealed that N Kumar, with the help of a friend, fraudulently passed on the phone to the techie, deceiving Flipkart.

In the recent past, there have been a number of customers who have claimed to have received stones and in some cases empty boxes instead of the product they ordered. “The present case is case in a point to show that several customers are taking advantage of the return and refund policy of e-commerce companies to indulge in theft and cheating,” Flipkart said.

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