63 moons Technologies Ltd, a next-generation technology provider, on Wednesday said it has forayed into the critical and untapped realm of cybersecurity to target the comprehensive mobile security and digital infrastructure market pan-India.

The company said its cybersecurity verticals are formed in alliance with the world’s ten best cybersecurity firms, from Israel to the USA, which would provide customised protection solutions to counter cyberattacks in the ever-growing digital Infrastructure market.

63 moons has partnered with global leading cybersecurity firms, including Blackberry, Resecurity and Morphisec, to create the best-in-class and comprehensive cybersecurity suite.

‘’Given the unprecedented scale and viciousness of cyberattacks, cybersecurity is paramount for all individuals, institutions, corporate entities and countries. 

We are continuing our legacy of innovation and disruption by entering into the cybersecurity arena,’‘ Jignesh Shah, Mentor and Coach, 63 moons said.

Security solution

63 moons has now launched a comprehensive mobile security solution for 80 crore mobile phone market through CYBX. 

It has also rolled out a customised enterprise solution for protecting digital infrastructure through 63 SATS. The company is also offering vital defence against digital attacks to protect critical public infrastructure network through CYBERDOME.

They are powered by a Centralised Security Operations Nerve Centre (SOC) and supported by a decentralised franchise network, he added.

63 moons will offer a pan-India franchise network to capitalise on the digital economy wave and the pricing of the offerings will be disclosed on Match 1, Shah said. He said that financial markets and banking are going to be largest customers for 63 moons’ cybersecurity solutions.

“Europe stands for the industrial economy, the USA for capitalism, Japan for electronic, China for manufacturing and the Gulf is for oil. The Indian economy will be identified as the digital economy of the world, based on the vision and environment that has been created by Prime Minister Narendra Modi”, Shah added.

Shah also later said that 63 moons is in talks with banks (both public and private) to offer its set of cybersecurity solutions to these entities. 

The value of the Indian cybersecurity market is likely to hit ₹ 1 Lakh Crore by 2029, amidst the estimated value of the global cybersecurity market expected to reach ₹ 42 Lakh Crore by 2030.