AiDash, a Bengaluru-based provider of satellite and AI-powered operations, maintenance, and sustainability solutions, has acquired geospatial and AI-powered farming solutions provider,, for an undisclosed amount.

With the addition of’s team and assets, AiDash will build on its vision of becoming a global leader in leveraging satellites and AI to revolutionize operations, maintenance, and sustainability for core industries. Bhavesh Patidar, co-founder and leader of the start-up’s data science innovations, will join the AiDash team, focusing on strengthening AiDash’s Disaster and Disruptions Management System (DDMS), which helps industries better manage disaster prediction, detection, and response.

Founded in 2019, has built a B2B SaaS solution that provides farm-level insights for reliable, data-driven decision-making to farmers and farming businesses spanning agriculture input-output companies, insurance, and financial institutions. They use AI to analyze real-time satellite data for soil conditions, crop health, and local weather predictions to provide actionable insights. 

Decision making

“’s vision was to change the way Earth Observation (EO) data is consumed in India, and I strongly believe that our acquisition by AiDash will not only help us accomplish our goals, but also transform the way stakeholders use data for decision-making across industries worldwide. has developed an AI engine that combines data from multiple satellites and provides daily insights about the conditions on the earth. Our EO technology can be used across sectors to drive risk-optimised outcomes,” said Patidar.

Dr Anil Singh,’s head of research and development, will also join AiDash as a Remote Sensing Scientist. His focus will be enhancing the company’s research and development activities to analyze data obtained from remote sensing systems and channel it into solve industry problems.

“We’re thrilled to have Bhavesh Patidar and Dr. Anil Singh join the AiDash team. We’re eager to see them put their respective in-depth knowledge into action to improve our products and better meet the needs of our customers,” said AiDash Co-founder & CTO Rahul Saxena.

AiDash is an AI-first vertical SaaS company enabling satellite- and AI-powered operations, maintenance, and sustainability for industries with geographically distributed assets. AiDash uses high-resolution multispectral and SAR data from the satellite constellations fed into its proprietary AI models to make timely predictions at scale. These AI models empower AiDash’s full-stack applications that transform O&M for utility, energy, transportation, water and wastewater, mining, and construction companies.