Archi’s Academy has bagged the Impact Startup Award by Web Summit, one of the largest annual tech conferences. The award was bestowed to them for fulfilling two criteria among the UN Goal towards Sustainable Development; Quality Education and Gender Equality.

Archi’s Academy is a career accelerator platform registered in the US with a major presence in Turkey, US and India. They strive to provide new graduates and professionals with a career break. The academy offers its trainees first-hand training experiences in Software Development, Project Management, Product Design (UI/UX), Blockchain and other specializations, including soft skills. The trainees are then nurtured and moulded into hireable candidates.

Archi’s fulfill the goal of Quality Education by imparting trainees with experiential coaching and mentorship to help them reskill and upskill with the aim to enhance their employability. They also work towards Gender Equality by providing women with the chance of having to re-enter into the industry after a break.

“Getting recognized by the UN for Quality skillful training is a major milestone for Archi's Academy. Also bringing back moms to the workforce with proper skills training has been a vision for us from the beginning. Impact Startup award gives us more spirit to make people skillable, hireable, and employable,” says Thoufeeque Saheer, Founder & CEO.