Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched two skill development programmes for quantum computing in India. The company is collaborating with academic institutions and learning platforms to integrate Amazon Braket — a fully managed quantum computing service — in the courses, said Kanishka Agiwal, Head, Service Lines, AWS India. 

AWS will be collaborating with QpiAI, an AI and quantum learning platform, to integrate Amazon Braket with the QpiAI Explorer platform — an interactive learning platform for students, industry professionals, and researchers. “So far, courses on quantum computing have been theoretical. This will be a first of a kind quantum course as it will provide hands-on experience on Amazon Braket,” Agiwal told businessline.  

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The QpiAI Explorer has curriculum designed by QpiAI and Indian Institute of Science (IISc) with direct integration of the Amazon Braket quantum programming framework. Agiwal said, “We expect 1,000 students to register per month, which will increase to 3,000 after a quarter.” 

AWS is also working with Tech Mahindra and Mahindra University (MU) and integrating the Amazon Braket platform to provide a quantum computing programme for students and working professionals. A component of this course consists of hands-on implementation and industry-relevant projects to help apply the learnings to industry-relevant problems.

This initiative by MU and Tech Mahindra with AWS will strengthen the growing quantum ecosystem in India, the company said, adding that industries are now looking for skilled quantum computing professionals to tackle many challenges that elude classical computing. 

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Agiwal said AWS aims to facilitate individuals to build new skills and understand code in quantum computing, enhance technical knowledge for career growth, solve complex problems, and have a multidisciplinary collaboration. 

The company had earlier collaborated with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to establish a Quantum Computing Applications Lab (QCAL), to accelerate quantum computing-led research and development and enable new scientific discoveries. Additionally, technology companies TCS, Fractal, and Mphasis are building their quantum computing offerings and competency on Amazon Braket.