Shellkode has launched “EmpowerHer” in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), to train and empower 1 lakh women developers into the future with Gen AI technology. This initiative prioritizes on elevating women developers in the Indian tech community.

As per the company’s statement, the partnership will pair aspiring women developers with experienced Gen AI mentors, who will provide them with personalized guidance, career advice, and a supportive network. This includes facilitating networking events, seminars, and fostering vibrant online communities where they can connect with each other and industry professionals.

“EmpowerHer isn’t just a program, it’s a revolution. We’re empowering a generation of aspiring developers, particularly women, with the cutting-edge tools and knowledge of AI to transform India’s innovation landscape and shape the future of enterprise,” said Arun Kumar, CEO of ShellKode.

The initiative underscores ShellKode’s aim to foster diversity and inclusion in the tech sector and equip women developers with the skills and resources needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

(Inputs from BL intern Meghna Barik)