IT firm Coforge, formerly known as NIIT Technologies, has announced the opening of its center of excellence for the metaverse and Web3. 

The facility will promote inter-disciplinary research and identify various use-cases using the metaverse and its intersection with digital technologies including blockchain, smart contracts, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML), cognitive, data and analytics, and integration with other enterprise systems.

Coforge aims to be at the forefront of the immersive experience, real-time presence, decentralised control, and possibilities metaverse and Web3 offer. The company also plans to train and upskill over 1,000 employees to deliver on the Metaverse and Web3 requirements of its customers.

Sudhir Singh, CEO, and Executive Director of Coforge, said, “We are excited to engage with the Metaverse, Web3, and related technologies to tap the countless opportunities for innovation they offer in our core verticals of Banking, financial services, insurance, and travel and hospitality and new verticals like retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and public sector.”

Physical and virtual

The ability to combine the physical world with the virtual world brings tremendous opportunities in programming the next internet, content, and experiences from the factory floor to the board room, Singh added. 

Leveraging Microsoft technologies, Coforge aims to deepen its Mixed Reality offerings. Coforge has already entered a partnership with industry players like Virbela, Hedera, and R3 for their metaverse and Web3 offerings and has more partnerships in the pipeline.

Coforge has also announced the first set of use cases that it is offering to its clients, which includes remote assistance, assembly, and parts guides, assembly line optimization using digital twin and simulations, employee onboarding and training in the metaverse, conferences, and expos in virtual space, non-fungible tokens(NFT) assets marketplace and blockchain-based solutions for invoice discounting.