Cognizant announced an expansion of its healthcare collaboration with Microsoft to give healthcare payers and providers access to technology solutions, streamlined claims management, and improved interoperability to optimise business operations and deliver better patient and member experiences.

As part of the expansion, Cognizant and Microsoft will work together to build an integration roadmap between Cognizant’s TriZetto healthcare products with Microsoft Cloud for healthcare.

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The companies will also collaborate to develop and run Cognizant’s current and future healthcare SaaS solutions on Microsoft Azure, migrate new and existing clients from on-premises environments to streamlined functions managed on the Microsoft Cloud, and support future technologies designed to deliver new insights for payers, providers, and consumers.

“Through our strategic partnership with Microsoft and building on our advanced TriZetto healthcare solutions, we are empowering clients to adapt to shifting market trends, regulatory changes, and operational demands. We are proud to work together with Microsoft in this capacity, delivering superior technology and capabilities that support both our clients and positive health outcomes for their members,” said Surya Gummadi, EVP and President, Cognizant Americas.

Cognizant collaborates with Microsoft on a variety of healthcare provider and payer solutions, including interoperability and cost estimation suites in a SaaS environment. This collaborative effort seeks to provide greater transparency for consumers who can more readily access historical healthcare data, review procedure costs for services, and compare pricing across providers to make informed healthcare decisions.

Cognizant’s TriZetto Healthcare Products are a portfolio of software solutions that help organisations enhance revenue growth, drive administrative efficiency, improve cost and quality of care, and improve the member and patient experience.