Commvault, a provider of cyber resilience and data protection solutions for hybrid cloud, has announced the acquisition of Appranix, a cloud cyber resilience company. Company did not disclose at what price the acquisition was made.

Commvault seeks to help customers reduce downtime by recovering data rapidly via automation and next-generation cleanroom offerings.

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According to the company, there are dependencies that are necessary to rebuild critical Cloud applications, the data those applications rely on, and the Cloud infrastructure that runs it all. Dependencies include networking, DNS configuration, application load balancing, security group access, and much more. Appranix automates all of this and can reduce the time it takes to rebuild from days or weeks to, in some cases, hours or minutes.

“We are taking resilience to the next level by marrying Commvault’s extensive risk, readiness, and recovery capabilities with Appranix’s next-generation Cloud-native rebuild capabilities,” said Sanjay Mirchandani, President & CEO, Commvault.

“The Appranix team will join Commvault imminently and the integration of Appranix’s technology into Commvault’s portfolio is expected to be completed by this summer. Meanwhile, customers can leverage Appranix for their Cloud application discovery and rebuild requirements, via the AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure marketplaces,” the company said.

With inputs from bl intern Meghna Barik