Danfoss, a leading partner in India’s decarbonisation efforts, has launched its latest innovation in energy-efficient technology: the iC2 and iC7 intelligent variable frequency drives. These advanced drives are designed to enhance energy efficiency and are set to revolutionize several industry sectors.

The launch event, held  recently in Pune and Mumbai, was attended by over 500 customers and featured Danfoss India’s esteemed partners, including Flotech, Softcon, 3A Industrial Automation, Trupti Automation, Innodrives, Alpha Automation, Thermax, Reiter, VSI, Thyssen, Glatt, Wilo, Reliance, and Sugar End Users Pandurang. The strong turnout underscored the industry’s anticipation and interest in Danfoss’s cutting-edge solutions.

At the heart of Danfoss India’s mission is sustainability, and the new iC2 and iC7 drives are engineered to operate motors at optimal speeds, leading to significant energy savings and enhanced operational efficiency. These innovative technologies are strategically positioned to meet the evolving needs of sectors such as food and beverage, sugar and ethanol, power, HVAC, industrial machinery, water and wastewater treatment, and conveyors, among others.

The launch event featured four live demo stations showcasing the capabilities of the iC2, iC7, IoT, and condition monitoring. The iC2 drive is a versatile solution that can improve efficiency by 40 per cent and supports IM, IPM, and SPM motors. It is designed for easy operation with a digital controller and is compact and efficient, making it ideal for pumps, fans, material handling, and textile production. The iC2 is also an easy retrofit for the VLC Micro Drive FC51.

The iC7 drive offers the best energy-efficient solutions to optimize applications from process control to packaging. Notably, it is the world’s first secure-by-design AC drive, featuring robust security measures to safeguard both the drive and data integrity. The iC7 provides a digital, optimized, versatile, and easy-to-use experience for demanding industrial applications.

With the introduction of the iC2 and iC7 drives, Danfoss continues to lead the way in energy efficiency and sustainability, reinforcing its position as a preferred decarbonization partner in India.

Ravichandran Purushothaman, President, Danfoss India, said, “Maharashtra has consistently been one of the shining growth regions for Danfoss Drives. With over two decades of strong business relationships with our customers, we have defined new trends within energy efficiency and decarbonization. Together with our Partners and customers, this launch has once again raised the bar and set new industry standards with our iC7 and iC2 Technology Platforms, defining the next level in efficiency, motor control, security and reliability for several key industry applications.”