ESDS Software Solution has been awarded a patent for its cloud computing technology by the US patent office, making it first Indian company to be recognised in this space.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded the patent (no 9176788) for the Nashik-headquartered company's technology eNlight Cloud. ESDS has been recognised for an innovation that enables auto-scaling of computing resource and making computer power available for customer applications at pay-per-consume model, said Piyush Somani, Managing Director and CEO of ESDS.

This will enable companies to make investments based on their actual computing requirements and not on financial strength, he added. According to the citation on the US Patent Office’s website, the patent is for the method for managing resources allocated to at least one virtual machine in a network, by a virtual machine controller. 

The US Patent Office has awarded the patent to inventors Jadhav Rushikesh (architect of the product) and Piyush Somani, it added.

In January, the company had announced plans to invest about ₹735 crore to set up five data centres in the next 24 months, of which three would be in India and two in the UK. 

Upon their commissioning, the company will now have a total of 5 lakh sqft of data centre space.

In February, the company had raised ₹25 crore from Canbank Venture Capital Fund Ltd, and it intends to use the funds to set up the data centres.