While online shopping presents shopaholics convenience like never before, there is no denying that spam mail received on personal IDs is a huge irritant.

Former Flipkart SVP Ranjith Boyanapalli has launched Flash.co, a one-stop shopping experience with a unique email ID, to ditch the spammers.


The app’s ‘Handpicked’ tab allows customers to track all account or order related details. They can also view information like items ordered, amount, address details, tracking number, number of orders placed, and amount spent in a given time span. Flash.Co, which has partnered with more than 40 brands, also has a tab to cover promotional mail.

Rewards and cashback

Most of the rewards and cashback generated on the app are sponsored by the brands themselves. ”We are trying to showcase brands, give more visibility to customers. If consumers like something, they go shop and we charge brands on adding value,” Ranjith tells businessline.

Consumer Safety

“Flash.Co is like identity play, wherein brands can engage with new customers,” he says. It offers “ease of shopping while ensuring privacy and security” of consumer data.

Funds for the app

Flash.Co raised $5.8 million in a recent round of funding from Global Founders Capital (GFC), co-led by White Ventures Capital, a Singapore-based firm. Binny Bansal, Co-Founder of Flipkart; Kunal Shah, Founder of CRED; and Lalit Keshre, Co-Founder and CEO of Groww have also funded the app.

Upcoming features

Ranjith and his team plan to have a separate section for order invoices, a BrandChat feature where brands and customers can engage directly without the need of a third-party, and widgets for Shopify to provide more discounts and rewards.

Plans down the line

Ranjith plans to tap the US market by the end of 2023. In addition, plans are afoot to add a travel segment, where people can book tickets, and enjoy other related perks.

How to register with Flash.co app
  • Head to Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download Flash.co.
  • Enter your phone number for OTP authentication.
  • Create unique ID with Flash.co.
  • On main page of the app, one can connect to Gmail.