Video conferencing platform has extended the ability to enable automatic updates for all users and has announced a host of new updates and features.

“With our latest product update, we’re providing a range of features to help you add your own personal touch to your digital events and take your customer service efforts to the next level,” Zoom said in an official release.

“We’ve also extended the ability to enable automatic updates in the Zoom client, so you can access the latest features from Zoom as soon as they're available,” it further added.

Previously, automatic updates were available for enterprise users.

New features and updates

The company has added updates to Zoom Meetings, including new features to help users host a more ‘frictionless’ meeting, engage with attendees, and get the most out of their recorded content.

It has also introduced enhanced slide control, where one can select multiple people to control the movement of slides in a presentation.

“Because the presenter isn’t always the one controlling a slide show, you can now select multiple people to control the movement of slides in a presentation. With enhanced slide control, presenters no longer have to ask another attendee to move the presentation forward, streamlining the presentation experience,” it said.

Meeting and webinar hosts will now have more options for creating polls, including ranked responses, matching, short and long answers, and fill in the blank. This same functionality can also be used for quizzes.

It has also introduced additional watermark settings. Users can now set the size and placement of watermarks. They can also enable watermarks by default and customise them via the web portal prior to the meeting.

It has also introduced a new ‘attendance status feature’ (“Has everyone joined”).

The feature allows meeting hosts and co-hosts with Google and Outlook calendar integrations to view who has accepted or declined the meeting invite and see whether they have joined.

It has also added new features for Zoom Events to allow hosts to further customise their virtual event experiences.

This includes offering corporate matching on donations during fundraisers through pledge and chat flexibility.

Hosts and moderators will now have the ability to turn chat on and off at any time.

In a bid to increase accessibility, the platform will allow for closed captioning API within Zoom Events with support for third-party. Closed captioning can be turned on or off by the host.