Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) community DPhi has raised seed funding of about ₹2.4 crore (€300,000) from Selçuk Boydak, a serial AI entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist.

DPhi said it will utilise the proceeds to grow its community, and expand its business model to “democratise the use of AI” and build a global marketplace for AI algorithms (models) and solutions. Its crowdsourcing AI platform empowers the community members to apply their skills to solve the real-world problems.

“Organisations often find it hard to build robust AI expertise, and over 85 per cent of the projects fail to drive impact. Right now, the adoption of AI that we are seeing is just due to the application of AI at large tech companies,” DPhi’s Founder Chanukya, said.

“We are yet to harness the full potential of AI across industries and companies of all sizes. As AI is rapidly evolving, its education, awareness and adoption of development practices are more important than ever for each one of us. With DPhi, we aim to prepare the world for the AI era by educating and building AI for the people, by the people,” he added.

AI for all

Over one lakh learners from over 150 countries have benefited from the community in the last 22 years. It fostered AI-driven innovation among several leading companies and solved meaningful problems, including predicting earthquakes to save lives, safeguarding NFTs, and building an AI-powered lens for the blind. Soon the company will launch a global AI marketplace with ready-to-use AI solutions (algorithms) built by the best data scientists worldwide.

“Our aim is to make AI education accessible to everyone and build AI for the good to solve the key challenges of humanity. As part of our community initiatives, we provide free AI and data science courses by industry experts from large tech companies or start-ups worldwide,” a DPhi statement said.