Google is making the new Gmail interface the standard experience for users, replacing Gmail’s original view.

The tech giant announced the new user interface and a customisable, integrated view for Gmail at the beginning of 2022. Starting this month, users will no longer have the option to go back to the old interface, the company announced.

“The integrated view with Gmail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet on the left side of the window will also become standard for users who have turned on Chat,” Google said in a blog post.

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“Through quick settings, you can customise this new interface to include apps most important to you, whether it’s Gmail by itself or a combination of Gmail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet,” it added.

The new UI will still allow users to quickly change the theme and inbox type through quick settings. Those who have enabled Chat will receive messages in the integrated view, which includes Gmail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet on the left side of the window. Users can no longer configure Chat on the right side of Gmail.  However, they need not switch between different apps and windows.

Google said the new interface will not be available to Workspace Essentials customers.

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