After committing $10 billion investment in India over the next 5-7 years, Google is set to beef up its presence in the country by doubling its employee base in India.

Sanjay Gupta, Country Head & Vice-President, Google India told BusinessLine that the company is putting high-quality engineering talent to develop products and solutions that are tailor-made for the Indian market. "

We have doubled our manpower or the number of Google employees in India from the beginning of 2020 to now, and we are likely to double those in the next two years again. This really shows our commitment to how we are converting our ideas and investments into the real thing. I do think this pace of change we have never done before in India," Gupta said.

Access to Internet

At the centre of Google's India strategy is enabling Internet access to a billion population through affordable devices, Indian language capabilities, and using AI and ML for developing solutions in the areas of healthcare, skill development, and agriculture.

"We are working towards making the internet helpful and safer for billions of Indians,” Gupta said.

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