Search engine Google has said it is opening up access to AI-powered chatbot Bard while integrating it with Google apps such as Maps, Docs and Drive and offering results in more languages and countries.

Touted as Google's answer to open-source GenAI platform ChatGPT, Google said Bard is now available in languages and countries worldwide. Users can collaborate on creative projects, start in one language and continue in up to over 40 languages and countries.

Bard will be able to interact with information from Gmail, Docs and Google Drive to find, summarise and answer questions across personal content.

Google is also integrating real-time info from Maps, YouTube, Hotels and Flights - expanding Bard's capabilities by pulling in information from the Google apps and services. These extensions are enabled by default, and you can disable them any time, Google said.

"With permission, you can enable Bard to interact with information from your Gmail, Docs and Drive so you can find, summarise and answer questions across your personal content. Your Google Workspace data won’t be used to train Bard’s public model and you can disable it any time," the company said.

Google said it is making these features available in English and will be bringing it to other languages soon.

Bard will also be able to develop creative strategies, formulate points of view, create programs that are case-insensitive (where it does not matter if the text is capital or small), create interview questions with talking points, and so on.