Global technology services and solutions provider ITC Infotech, a wholly-owned subsidiary of diversified conglomerate ITC Ltd, feels the Blazeclan acquisition would enable it to expedite business transformation for its clients with innovative digital solutions. In an interaction with businessline, Sudip Singh, CEO and MD, ITC Infotech, says the company’s acquisition strategy, going ahead, would continue to be guided by the objective of sharpening its capability-led solutions. Excerpts:


ITC Infotech in April this year signed a definitive agreement to acquire Pune-based Blazeclan Technologies. How is the Blazeclan acquisition going to contribute to the company’s growth plans?

Cloud technology is the cornerstone of ITC Infotech’s digital transformation initiatives that are currently underway in our key industry segments, including Manufacturing, CPG, Hospitality, and Financial Services. Blazeclan, a born-in-the-cloud services organization, will enable us to expedite business transformation for our clients with innovative digital solutions by amplifying our portfolio of cloud offerings in platforms, accelerators, and frameworks.

With Blazeclan Technologies made up of a strong certified architect and consultant pool now being an integral part of the company, I am confident that our collaborative efforts will focus on driving the next paradigm of digital transformation with enhanced cloud offerings. Moreover, Blazeclan’s influence extends globally, with Cloud Competency Centers established in strategic locations such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and India, further solidifying our global footprint.


Is the company open to more acquisitions going ahead? In which areas may the probable acquisitions take place?

Our approach to growth is strategic and deliberate, with a clear focus on selective acquisitions that are in harmony with our overarching strategic goals. These acquisitions are carefully evaluated and chosen with the primary objective of enhancing our capabilities, ensuring that we are well-equipped to drive digital transformation for our clients. Looking ahead, our acquisition strategy will continue to be guided by the objective of sharpening our capability-led solutions, while also bolstering our key global alliances propelling us into the next phase of expansion.


How is the company planning to accelerate revenue growth and profitability? What is the roadmap towards being a $1-billion IT firm?

Our business strategy is firmly rooted in maintaining profitable growth momentum, anchored by the foundational principles of ‘Customer Centricity’, ‘Employee Centricity’, and ‘Operational Excellence’. Over the past five years, we have successfully doubled our revenue, and we are poised to accelerate this growth further. Our strategy includes continued investments in enhancing our capabilities portfolio, which is essential for driving digital transformation for our clients. We are also committed to deepening our relationships with key accounts, where we have already made significant investments, and maintaining a sustained focus on securing large deals. Additionally, we are expanding our global presence and forming capability-led partnerships with key clients, which will serve as the bedrock for our long-term growth and differentiation. Parallelly, we are exploring new growth vectors in various geographies and micro-verticals.

On the profitability front, our EBITDA margins rank in the top quartile among mid-tier IT services organisations, boasting the fastest EBITDA CAGR over the last five years. We remain dedicated to operational efficiency, guided by a metrics-driven approach.


What is ITC Infotech’s attrition rate? Could you share some perspectives on talent retention in today’s evolving IT employment space?

Our organisation is witnessing a healthy trend with attrition rates currently showing a downward trajectory. This improvement is largely attributed to our steadfast commitment to our employees leading to talent retention. We have implemented a multifaceted strategy that includes continued investments in nurturing our workforce through a comprehensive Learning & Development program, offering competitive pay and benefits, and fostering a culture that aligns with our Employee Value Proposition. Moreover, we are leveraging our expanding global presence to provide ample growth and learning opportunities for our employees.


When will the company open its new facility in Kolkata?

Kolkata, with its robust ecosystem, serves as a pivotal delivery base for our organisation, strengthened by its strong presence of over 1,000 employees. The city also serves as a prominent hub for technology talent. We have consistently tapped into the region’s niche technology expertise to bolster our digital transformation initiatives for clients. As we eagerly anticipate the move to our new offices in Rajarhat, specifically “ITC Sanskriti” — designed to meet USGBC LEED Platinum Certified standards — we are poised to continue our growth trajectory in this dynamic city. We have also established a global capability centre for two of our overseas clients in the city.