Google might bring back its payment app Wallet as a "comprehensive digital wallet". Earlier this year, in a Bloomberg interview, Google confirmed it is working on new features for the app.

Screenshots shared on Twitter by Mishaal Rahman of cloud-based platform Esper indicated that the company is creating a Wallet interface for Google Play Services to access and manage payment and transit cards, passes, rewards and memberships.

These features are currently offered by Google Pay. Tech news websiteThe Verge reported that users would be able to access the new Wallet UI from the Google Pay app.

Google Wallet was once a contactless payment solution until the search giant shifted its focus to Android Pay, a payment app that was later merged into a redesigned Google Pay app. Reportedly, the Wallet will be the space for digital cards, while Google Pay will remain the branding for contactless payments.

It enables users to automatically add passes from Gmail to Wallet.

The Wallet seems to duplicate many of the contactless features and functions of f Google Pay without the additional bloat, technology site Android Police reported.