At some point or the other, we have lost or been worried about losing our phone. It is impossible to find a phone without GPS location, net connection, or SIM card, right? Yet, there is another interesting and easy way to track your lost phone - IEMI number.

International Mobile Equipment Identity or IEMI is a 15-17-digit code that comes with every phone - Android and iOS. One can trace a lost phone through IEMI number with the help of CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) online portal. The CEIR is a site by the Indian Government, which is associated with the Department of Telecom (DoT), and the Center for Development Telematics (CDOT).

An IMEI number can be found at the back side of a smartphone, it will either be below the battery or on the box of the handset. In addition, the IEMI can also be used even if the SIM card has been changed.

Guide to track a phone on the CEIR site
CEIR website

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  • First and foremost, one must file a report with the police station about the stolen phone and have a copy of the application.
  • Call the service provider to issue a duplicate SIM card to receive an OTP on this number. This step will block anyone who might misuse your phone.
CEIR complaint form

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  • Open the CEIR portal to block the IEMI number and attach the needed documents - copy of the complaint report, identification proof, purchase invoice, and others.
  • One will then receive an OTP on the number you entered (the number should be the same as the one before the phone is lost).
  • A ticket ID will be sent from the other end, which can be used in near future when needed.
  • The network operator will then share the device’s IMEI number to the database as backlisted. This step will also send other operators to ban the device so that it doesn’t work on any network.
  • The alert will assure law enforcement authorities about lost phone, and the network operators will be on a lookout for the phone. Once the phone is found, the law enforcement authorities will reach out to the person.

The best part about IEMI numbers is that it can never be changed, even if the SIM is changed or GPS tracking is turned off.